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I’m sorry?


I’m sorry?

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xDDDDD buenísimo ese momento


xDDDDD buenísimo ese momento

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When I have kids, I will play “The Rains of Castamere” everytime I punish them for misbehaving or otherwise challenging my supreme rule, so they will learn to associate the song with tragedy. Then, whenever I see them plotting against me in their michievous little minds I’ll play the song and just stare at them like image

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He who lives without discipline dies without honor.
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Ron Swanson explains taxes. [X]

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Google Maps Fans Take On The Insane Geography Of Game Of Thrones
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brb drowning myself in the toilet

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Game of Thrones:

The Rains of Castamere is a song which immortalizes the destruction of House Reyne by Tywin Lannister.The title is thus a play on words, as the “rains” fall over the empty halls of the “Reynes” who have been killed to the last man, and “not a soul to hear”. The lyrics heavily reference the fact that the sigil of House Reyne was also a lion, but a red one instead of the golden lion used as the sigil of House Lannister. The rebellion of the Reynes against the Lannisters was thus seen as a civil war of lions.

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I shouldn’t have laughed


I shouldn’t have laughed

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